Cypress Lake High School Theatre Program

The mission of the Cypress Lake High School Theatre Program is to inspire a lifelong love of Theatre. This is accomplished by offering a comprehensive approach to Theatre Education that enables students to discover their artistic potential in the Theatre Arts and develop their skills and passion.

Our program features a balance of classroom instruction/projects, and practical experiences through which students learn what it takes to design, rehearse, and produce a show for a live audience.

The Theatre Program at Cypress Lake High School is a rigorous program of study. Students are required to participate in various after-school productions and rehearsals and are graded on their performance in these activities.

Students must complete a total of 8 credits in order to obtain their Arts Diploma.


First year students will focus on acclimating themselves with the pace and culture of the program. The focus is on learning about all aspects of Theatre.

Year 1 Courses

  • Technical Theatre 1

  • Theatre History 1

  • Acting 1


Sophomores continue the work started in their first year, but will be given more practical opportunities to explore their specialized interests.

Year 2 Courses

  • Theatre History 2 (Performance Track)

  • Acting 2

  • Technical Theatre 2 (Technical Theatre Track)

YEARS 3 & 4

By years 3 & 4, Theatre Majors will have decided what aspect of Theatre they are most interested in and fully immerse themselves in their discipline. The upperclassmen experience is almost completely practical. Students will produce and perform in 2-4 shows per year as part of their coursework.

Year 3 Courses

  • Playwriting

  • Acting 3 (Performance track)

  • Technical Theatre 3 (Technical Track)

Year 4 Courses

  • Directing and Stage Management

  • Acting 4 (Performance track)

  • Technical Theatre 4 (Technical Track)