January 31 & February 1, 2023

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Cypress Lake High School Center for the Arts

The Center for the Arts provides an exciting opportunity for artistically talented high school students of Lee County. Once selected, students will become part of an artistic environment designed to develop their talents to the highest possible level while fostering an appreciation and love of the arts which will serve them well in the pursuit of the next step in their educational training and chosen careers.

Admission to the Center for the Arts program is by audition only. In addition to the Center for the Arts application, a zone school application must also be completed according to the published timeline if changing schools or if the student is new to the School District of Lee County. Should a student be accepted into the arts program following the audition, that student will be released from the school assigned by Student Assignment in order to attend the Center for the Arts. All students enrolling in the Center for the Arts must complete four semesters in the program to be considered for a waiver should they choose to leave the arts program. (School District of Lee County Administrative Regulation 1.63)

Theatre Arts

Students selecting a concentration in the theatre arts will have the opportunity to obtain intensive training in acting, directing, design, and technical theatre. The course of study will include opportunities in acting, voice and diction, mime and movement, improvisation, directing and playwriting, stage make-up, theatre technology, theatre history, vocal techniques, dance, musical theatre and other classes. Students’ talents will be polished and displayed in live play and musical theatre productions, some of which will be interdisciplinary efforts with other departments. The quality and visibility of the talent and artistry produced by students in this program will serve them well in the pursuit of the next phase of their formal education or professional training.

Audition Requirements

Each student will participate in a live audition to include the following:

  • Prepare two (2) contrasting monologues. Monologues must be memorized. Choices might include one comic and one dramatic piece or one classical and one contemporary piece. Monologues must be chosen from published plays. Scripts from movies are unacceptable. Maximum monologue time is a total of two minutes for both pieces. Check your material carefully to ensure that you meet this time limit as you will be timed.

  • Students who wish to demonstrate their vocal ability may sing a solo selection of up to 16 measures from a published musical for the theatre in addition to the two (2) required monologues. Vocal selections must be included in the two minute time limit. Accompaniment may be live, CD, or I-pod. Recorded accompaniment is only acceptable as long as it contains no vocalist singing the applicant's part. A cappella performances are unacceptable at this audition.

  • Students will be asked to participate in a cold reading exercise.

  • Students may be asked to answer a few questions about themselves, e.g. hobbies, activities.

  • Students will be asked to provide a recommendation from a previous Theatre teacher, director, or other teacher who can attest to their work ethic, character, commitment, and talent.

Applicants are expected to arrive at the beginning of the audition time block to sign in and complete paperwork. All students will be taken into the audition room as a group. Parents and guardians will NOT be allowed in the audition room. Applicant's will participate in a group warm-up and complete a questionnaire lasting approximately 20 minutes. Applicants will then audition individually, after which the students will be asked to participate in small group cold reading. Once the applicant has completed all of these elements they are free to leave.

Audition Attire

Students are to dress as they would for a professional audition but be able to move freely. Flat, closed-toe shoes that cover the entire foot are suggested. Students wearing sandals, flip-flops or other inappropriate footwear will NOT be permitted to audition. Hair is to be secured away from the face. Ladies are asked to please NOT wear skirts or dresses.

***Applicants should bring a current headshot and resume (if applicable/available) to their audition. This is by no means a requirement but simply a helpful tool.